Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

I Love Stupid People

Posted on: November 23, 2010

Ever watch “The Smoking Gun….” And it shows people doing the most idiotic things in the world? And then there are the guest hosts… Like Todd Bridges, Leif Garrett (Did I spell that right?) I’ve skipped taking my Addies for a few days because I’ve been knocked out with whatever has been going around, some flu or another. So my thoughts aren’t so gathered, dammed ADD, huh? If I were the wrong kind of person, I could make a killing off my health problems, but I’m not that f**ked up. I actually need the stuff and I don’t help other people with their habits. I mean sure, I’ve lent my neighbor 5 bucks for a pack of smokes because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to need ciggies. I’m glad I was able to quit though, with my health problems, continuing to smoke would just sabatoge for myself.

Anyway, back to that show. I was thinking, “Gosh, Leif Garrett looks old. So does Tanya Harding.” I remembered the big scandal with her boyfriend or whatever the heck he was, bashing Nancy Kerrigan’s knee. (Favorite figure skater of all time Kristi Yamaguchi)
Then, the reality of something hits me. I’m not young anymore. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I’m not in my early thirties anymore. Teenagers are kids to me now. My own son is a young teen. Where the hell did all that time go?

I had all these hopes and dreams back when I was young and I look at myself now and think. “Damn.” I haven’t written that great novel yet. I never married, I was engaged 3 times, but never married, I haven’t dated in over 13 years because of the man I conceived my son with. It left me…. broken. I stayed hidden behind a computer, talking to males because as long as they stayed on the other side of the keyboard, or were far enough from me, chatted on the phone where I was safe and sound.

But, if I look back, I can honestly say that I’ve always tried to be genuine, kind, and a good Christian, although, I do sometimes have a foul mouth. I never got into the drinking scene, I tried pot a long time ago for pain, it didn’t work, it made me feel too fuzzy headed, and I didn’t like it.

I’ve always been a decent person, sometimes, it got me into trouble, but, if being a good person is my biggest claim to fame. Hey. And Nicky. I have Nicky. And regardless of how he was created, he’s my baby.

Ohh, I got distracted… There’s a new movie coming out, The Warriors Way. I think I’d definitely like seeing that. I love watching a good sword fight. Heh heh heh. I liked some of the Highlander movies and the series up until they killed off Richie Ryan’s character. I have some weird tastes in what I like. The Harry Potter films go without saying, though, the books are always better. Loved Lord of The Rings, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender (The animated series) not the movie. I refuse to watch it. Should I rant about that or go into my one sick pleasure? I watch a lot of tame stuff because of Nicky, but I have a series I need to finish purchasing… And I could easily rant that they could have carried on with a few more seasons of that guilty pleasure… Maybe if I were one of the writer’s they could have. Nip/Tuck. That was my guilty pleasure. That show was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Part of the pleasure of watching it was seeing what they’d get away with. And then *Gasp* I see Mario Lopez’s bare butt. It was actually kind of weird because I used to watch “Saved By The Bell”.

Age has been very kind to him.

I wish age were kinder to me. Age is always kinder to handsome dark men though. *Dreamy sigh* Okay, I better shut up now. I think I’m still sick.

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