Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale


Posted on: November 25, 2010

What am I thankful for? Perhaps I should make a list. People list all their problems etc. Let’s see, this may take awhile, but what am I thankful for?

1. God allowed me to live so I wouldn’t leave everyone behind when I lost all that blood.
2. My mom.
3. The relationship I have built with my aunt.
4. My son. Despite the fact that he’s regressed and being a teenager, I am thankful I have him.
5. The cats I adopted, they bring me endless joy.
6. My friends, online or not, they are my friends. They care about me and they pray for me.
7. That my Mom will be moving into the building.
8. The stars that still twinkle in the sky.
9. The moon.
10. My faith in God.
11. That I’m a survivor.
12. Life. Life is precious no matter how rough it gets.
13. The fact that I can still laugh.
14. Music. All kinds of music.
15. Butterflies.
16. Flowers, all kinds of beautiful flowers.
17. The sound of a cat purring.
18. Children laughing.
19. Rainbows.
20. Anyone who actually reads this. 😉
21. My writing muse.
22. That I can still feel.
23. That there are still good people on this earth.
24. That we still have freedom.
25. The many beautiful races and heritages we have in this country. Especially when the races mix. Mixed raced people are very beautiful as well.
26. Everyone I have ever left a message, twitter, email, post, etc., too. You’re important to me as well. It matters not if I know you, if I have acknowledged you, you’ve made some type of positive imprint on my life, I am thankful for that.
27. Intelligent people.
28. Innocent people
To Be Continued…

1 Response to "Thanksgiving"

Hey Tracy,

Good job on the blog. Keep up the good work!

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