Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale


Posted on: December 24, 2010

I just got over being sick. Ack. Sinus infection or something. Whatever it was kept me down for a few days so my inbox was filled with over 2000 emails. Yikes. A lot of it was from Care2 groups.

Speaking of writing, I was asked to write something for a site and that thrilled me to no end because it’s about something I love. I’ve started it, but I hope it doesn’t suck. Sometimes, when you are asked to do something you love, and you get the chance, you choke. I hope I don’t. I want to do a good job.

I got a blast from the past, a friend I used to talk to online and on the phone, tracked me down. I was touched, but I got a bit uncomfortable. I don’t mind if someone says “*Hugs*” I’m totally okay with that, but he typed, “*Holds you*” and that bothered me, it felt like he was crossing a line that he shouldn’t. Even online, I feel like one should ask my permission. I was talking to Mom about it and Nicky said, “Mom, if it makes you uncomfortable, say it.” Out of the mouth of babes. I just don’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings.

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