Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale


Posted on: December 30, 2010

After I left the political groups, I felt better. There were good people in the group, but I was getting too dragged down. I like discussions, I stand by my convictions, I always will, I won’t change my viewpoints just to make another person happy. I have to be myself. But regardless of what my moral standings are. Regardless of what my political leanings are, or what my religious beliefs are. I don’t want to hurt another person. It’s wrong. I did start my own group and invited my friend from the Cat Group to help host it. She’s nice. I know a lot of people through the Care 2 community. The Care 2 group I host is just random fun, I have people from everywhere in it. We just talk about stuff, share funny and cute clips. It’s nice. Really nice.

Today, Mom and Susy brought my gifts and had me open them early because weather may prevent them from coming on the 31st for my birthday. We have an ice storm threatening to come in tomorrow, and then snow. Anyway, the gifts were great, but truly, the best part was the love behind it all. I have a tracfone now, which is good in case we lose electricity or when I have an appointment, but one of the best gifts, was a humble, homemade plastic canvas frame Susy made. In it was a picture of her holding me when I was just a tiny little baby, smiling up at her. I got all weepy. It’s been such an emotional year, but I’ve done a lot of growing and learning.

I have a Twitter account that I’ve figured out how to use, I’m following a lot of different people who are parents of autistic children, or are associated with autism. I’ll be doing that on Facebook, too. I considered doing it on Care 2, but the problem is, there are just certain things, in certain places that I will and won’t share things. I know Care2 has a lot of activist groups out there. But immunizations have been demonized and blamed for autism. My younger brother has autism, he was diagnosed in his early 30’s. I think my older brother has it, too. I think it’s something that can be passed through the genes to be honest. Both my brothers have remarkably high IQ’s though, too. As for me, I don’t have autism. My stuff came more from events, both physical and emotional. I don’t tell people what my IQ is. It has no relevance. I think how I treat a person is far more important. I’ll just say that I’m not stupid even though I have done stupid things. Who hasn’t? I’ve done some pretty smart things, too. And I can be a real smart ass. Ha ha ha ha.

Just a little off shoot of something, it’s Native American philosophy and many people would do good to think about this. Namaste’ and Mitakuye-Oyasin (We are One). Someone shared a clip about the philosophy and it being mantra. I think we as human beings need to remember that. I’ve certainly thought a lot about it. I love those small pearls of wisdom because they stick.

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