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Bigotry… My Take On It

Posted on: January 6, 2011

When I said I wasn’t happy with Obama as our president, I was called a racist. I was outraged. I really don’t care if you are white, black, or somewhere in the middle. That isn’t the issue. It’s the issues I’m against, not the race. My mother raised me not to look at a color and judge.

If you really want to talk about bigotry, it’s aimed at people who have disabilities. Or parents who have disabled children. I’ve had to put up with a lot of comments because when Nicky goes for a ride in a vehicle, he has to rock a little bit. On the bus, in a cab, it doesn’t matter. He’s not hurting anyone, he’s not doing it violently where he’d be a distraction, but wow, the comments I have heard! Some people found it cute, but others were crass and sarcastic. Adults who made fun of a child who was soothing himself and trying to prevent himself from becoming over-stimulated by his surroundings. I hated having to explain why he did it, when he was quiet about it, smiling happily. Why did I owe anyone an explanation?

So you see, people. Before you cast a stone at me, look at your glass house, because some of you are the same ones who’ve said things about the disabled.

4 Responses to "Bigotry… My Take On It"

My son (he’s 2), can’t take off his winter coat/mittens/hat when we are in public. Like at a doctor’s office. His brain knows that when we go out, we wear that and we take it off when we come home.

And he also has a VERY large personal space, so being in public just means he’s going to scream. A lot.

…and the looks I get? Could kill.

You’re right, people are far too quick to judge – especially when it comes to children/individuals with special needs. For many people (not all), they see someone they don’t understand and immediately judge.

…a screaming kid? Bad mom. You should spank him.
….a kid rocking without explanation? must be “retarded”
(these are NOT my thought – just examples…but you know that)

I’m right there with you Tracy, it drives me loony that people are so ignorant (re:uneducated), and yet continue making snap judgments about things they know nothing about…

You are so spot on, it isn’t funny. It’s terrible the way people make snap judgments.

The things I read that other autism caregivers hear make me so sad. I have been very fortunate so far, as my son is young and is high-functioning. I haven’t had anything really bad said to me, though I’m guessing some people have watched us and wondered why I’m such a bad parent. ; )

Nicky hasn’t thrown a lot of public tantrums. His rocking and smiling just rubbed people the wrong way, but I live in an area filled with ignorant morons who suck on meth pipes or guzzle alcohol like it’s going out of business.

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