Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Autism Is NOT Stupidity

Posted on: January 20, 2011

Nicky came home school, crying, yesterday. One of his classmates told him that his drawings “sucked”. Nicky’s confidence is shaky. It hurts me that it is. I understand it, I do what I can to build his self-esteem, yet I won’t lie to him either and give him false hope. But Nicky is talented when it comes to drawing cartoons. He draws things like “Atomic Betty” , “Dragon Ball Z Kai” , and “Avatar:The Last Airbender”. He blends them, mixing characteristics of one character with another. His captions are hilarious. It hurts me so much when another child can tramp down so hard on his feelings and make him feel so worthless, and this kid is autistic as well. Higher functioning perhaps, but zero compassion for the way he ripped my son’s feelings apart.

Nicky doesn’t get the best grades right now, but he wants to be a pathologist. He watches shows like “Mystery Diagnosis” and other things with human disorders that make me ill with fascination. He can throw out terms like I can the alphabet. He can describe a surgery, and he understands what he is saying. Nicky isn’t stupid. Too many people treat my son like he’s stupid and they patronize him. It makes me angry, but then comes the quiet side that no one else sees, the tears I shed at night.

Nicky would do well in drama club. He’s got a gift for being a ham and showing off, he’s got a talent with his drawing, he could be the next famous cartoonist, or he could go into the yucky guts and gore and become a pathologist. The only limits Nicky has are those that he sets on himself. If he wanted to be garbageman (he doesn’t) I would support him 100%.

People need to get out of this mentality that kids with autism are stupid or retarded. THEY ARE NOT. My brothers are both geniuses! My cousin is a genius, my aunt and uncle and grandfather, all brilliant. Autism doesn’t mean “Rainman” . There is such a stigma that surrounds it and it needs to be stopped!

Nicky could be the one who finds the cure for cancer, he could be the next funny one on a show, he could pump out the most enjoyable cartoons. And for those who try to beat my son down, kiss off.

Autism is not a malfunction in the brain. People with autism file things differently, they process things differently. We could look at a painting of a sunset and notice the brilliant orange, but a child with autism may notice the ducks painted in the distance, a ripple of water. They see the world differently. That doesn’t make them stupid. Just unique. In honor of a woman in Twitter, I use her screen name to say Special Happens. Our little butterflies are very special. They can surprise us in so many ways. Don’t ever let anyone allow you to believe anything different. Doctors and shrinks are great fro a diagnosis, but no one knows like we do. And my beautiful boy has amazed me several times over. Is IQ may not be high, but he’s brilliant, talented, and has a heart of gold, and I think that matters more than anything in this world.

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Agreed. But also? Rainman wasn’t stupid. He had incredible splinter skills for counting. And I’m betting that if he hadn’t been locked in an institution all his life, he would have turned out to be a much more well-rounded individual.

Although my son is only 3 years old right now.. Idk what it will be like when he’s older.. Or How kids & other ppl will approach him.. but I know in my heart he can do anything he wants to set his mind to.

As long as he has a mom like you, he’ll be okay.

Oh Tracy, you are making a world of difference, just by blogging about Nicky! My mom used to say something to me that pushed me to excel my whole life, even though I was often made fun of my others for my race (believe it or not – half Asian!). She would say, “You can do anything anyone else can do! If someone else has done it, you can do it and do it better!” As long as we encourage our kids and give them perspective, they will have the tools they need to succeed. We can’t shield them from every pain, but encourage them to fly again!

I’m glad I can make a difference. And I am horrified that you were made fun of for being half Asian. Mixed races are beautiful. I’m glad you are stronger for it. I do what I can to encourage Nicky to fly, but I do let him cry it out, especially when some cruel person calls him a retard. I despise that word.

Thank you for sharing this, I don’t know much about autism (am learning), but kids can be cruel regardless. Even if he had a very average or high IQ someone would still say something that tears down self esteem. It doesn’t make it feel any better though…

I’m glad to know you are taking the time to learn though!

Nicky, you’re a great boy… don’t ever let anyone try to tell you different. Some of the best artists in the world were bullied for what they did but they never stopped. If they had, we wouldn’t have some of the most amazing art ever.

And for the record, I happen to LOVE Dragon Ball Z. I have every episode of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT on DVD!

Nicky told me to tell you that he’s your friend now. You really made him feel good.

Hello Nicky I have a 6 year old son and 4 year daughter who are autistic if they grow up to be like you, I will be very happy. You are extremely clever and please don’t take any notice of anyone who tells you different.

Autism >>> tomorrow’s genius thats just what you are.

Take care


You touched Nicky’s heart very deeply. He’s adopted many of you into his heart.

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Thanks for getting what Special Happens and the butterfly is all about. Every one, every child is special. It’s just that our kiddos have that which makes them shine in more colors of the rainbow than ever thought possible. Their metamorphosis might look different than anothers’, different than yours or mine, but that’s because they’re more brilliant.

Nikki is strong to return every day knowing that kids that are hurtful might be waiting around the corner. He’s strong because he negotiates his challenges and prospers.

Nice post. Thank you.

I’m glad we understand one another! So many out there refuse to accept and understand. We have a great community throught Twitter, etc. And don’t worry about the misspell on the name, you fixed it the second time round. 🙂

Sorry Nicky. My fingers went too fast. I apologize for spelling your name incorrectly. (Of course if you want to edit that out Tracy, that would be definitely welcome!)

You keep doing what you do, Nicky! Alex and I are cheering for you and your mom, we know you guys have already made a special, amazing mark on the world just by being here. We believe in you!

Thank you, I am so glad for those of you who I’ve touched base with in Twitter, I’ve learned more about myself as well as others there. 🙂

The teenage years are such difficult ones…chin up Nicky! Someday those kids will be working for you!

That one made Nicky grin like you wouldn’t believe!

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