Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

On Behalf of Nicky

Posted on: February 17, 2011

Nicky, sweetie. I know at your age, you like the gross, disgusting, and everything in the world to make you squeamish. Sweetie, I know this is a rough patch in your life, I took it in the chin, I’m taking it with you, now, but this rant, this creative call to bullies is a lash out to those bullies who hurt you, baby, and to make you laugh, because I know you love it when I try to gross you out. I know you love when girls are gross, my guess is, you get that from your younger uncle. Honey, I am going to embarrass myself just to make you smile. I love you. Live, laugh, play hard, and let’s sock it to ’em. Maybe you will copy me and rant, too. Not bottle it up until it explodes. This is for you.

Dear Bullies,
Dear, that’s the second to last nice word you will get from me. You suck big, fat, gooey, vomit-filled boogers. May your heads be filled with giant maggots that eat away every vein you have!! You deserve to be tortured by yellow jackets. May you be tied down to a fire-ant hill, doused in honey, with ants eating away at your flesh, while wasps, yellow jackets, killer-bees, and bumble bees swarm and sting you painfully, while creeping up your nostrils, into your ears and wherever they else they feel like going! Do you feel so tough now, fart-fudging, poop-eating, snot-sucking, wicked, little creeps? You bonemeal, puke-vaporous, vapid, snakey, turds!! You are awful! Foul! Putrid! Garbage! You are the sewer! You are the toilet of the world. May you be run upon all wet and wild!!! And feel as crappy (Get it?) as you made Nicky feel! May cattle use you as their manure garden and take a huge potty on you! I hope you can hear all that loud farting through the buzzing and chewing of insects though!!! You are nothing but slime spewing poopie-head Neanderthals! (Nicky came up with that) May oozing pustules form on your butts!!! May your organs do oragami! May pigs drop festering, scabs of pain on your eyeballs!!! May a huge elephant regurgitate on your head. May it have a quick head cold and feel better as it sneezes a huge gob of green snot on your hair!!!!

Now that I’ve relieved, Nicky’s pain. You still bullied when talked to… He quaked when questioned because he felt threatened, and now, I cannot fully intervene. Bullies, truly, I wish, you’d look in the mirror and take a nice long look. Examine yourself carefully. Why do you bully? You’re the one who will lose in the end. I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor, I won’t be taken down. Bigger, stronger, have tried. Thank your lucky stars that Nicky’s been taught my docile side, and not the side that’s had to fight, though he’s been given glimpses… be thankful he is gentle and sweet, and hope he isn’t all like me.

I was always compared to my aunt. God bless the woman I am, yes, but I am also my mother’s daughter. No one ever compared me to Mom. Oh people…. I’ve been compared to my father. Ha! I’m a combination of my mom and my aunt and something else. Bullies, you better hope Nicky is more like his uncles and less like his mother, you better be thankful I have raised him the way I have.

He called me kitten. I’m a dang cougar with claws when I need to be. I was knocked too many times, I did fight back. Nicky’s growing fast you better hope to high heaven he doesn’t…. or that I don’t.

Love, (Cuz we don’t hate)

3 Responses to "On Behalf of Nicky"

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good post, added you to my RSS reader.

Nicky is lucky to have you. We appreciated your words against bullies. Well said!! 🙂

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