Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Nicky’s Imageneary Friends.

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Were was I… Oh yeah, You know how I have imageneary kids? Well they weren’t born, They were hatched. On weakends me,my wife,and my kids snugle like kittens. We play pretend.There are over 514! One of them is Betty, You know, Atomic Betty.Piccolo…He’s cool! I’m even writing a story about them. My mom and I love 2 play made up games. I like them better then video-games. I like seeing mom better this way. My mom dose Vegeta pretty well. It makes me mad that doctors don’t wanna help more because we wanna play. I’m glad moms disabled because we can be closer. Playing is more fun then getting new toys. I like mom just the way she is. All parents shold be good 2 there kids. I’m gonna play this weakend.

3 Responses to "Nicky’s Imageneary Friends."

Nicky, playing pretend with your mom sounds like a lot of fun! She sounds very cool. I’m glad you like her just the way she is! 514?! That is a lot! Hope you will share the story you are writing! Keep blogging!! You are a very good writer!

I cant wait to read more of your stories Nicky!! Good job!!

I hope you and your mom have a fantastic time playing, whenever you get the chance!

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