Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Vaccinations, Enlightment, and what your child really suffers from

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Ha! I got you here. Are you expecting a fueled rant on vaccinations? No. You won’t get one. Not really because guess what, I DO NOT KNOW!!! And do you know what? I DO NOT CARE! You can spend so much time blaming, and looking for fault, that time passes by, and you miss out. And you don’t want to miss out on moments you can share with the ones you love.

I’ve cashed in the sensible adult chips. It’s all hogwash. I’m not someone who has autism, but I am eccentric, I’m partly a ditz, I’m too blunt, I’m a nerd. I’m sick of all the crud, it wastes time.

Nicky is happier for it, so am I. We are learning to play. There is nothing better. I rarely watch anything “adult” anymore. Kid stuff is much more fun and it makes more sense.

Thank you green aliens, yellow squares, Fire Nation, gallant heroes, etc. etc. may my screen dance of images of saved worlds, problems solved, with a vocal range I can do after, for my son and I will perform and bask in the glow of a simple life of enjoying every moment.

Nicky has the autism diagnosis. He suffers from people who try to force him to fit in, intolerance, and being misunderstood. I’ll play the drums, while Nicky dances, or rocks to a different beat.

And those who read this, enjoy the ones you love. You can have all the technology, all the best care, etc. etc., but it’s your love, it’s you, who are their best advocate and greatest asset. YOU are their rock. Schools educate, I know we have to set an example, teach manners, we do have to parent, but we can also be kids with them and join in their play, you will learn so much more. The world will become so much brighter. You will have so much more energy, a new lease on life… You will see the rainbows over the gray areas. Tell them you love them as often as you can, I hear it so much now! It’s better than any drug.

And look at the world through butterfly eyes, because their perception may not be the disorder you thought it was, but a secret blessing you never expected. And don’t worry. My blessing will be home soon to contribute!

2 Responses to "Vaccinations, Enlightment, and what your child really suffers from"

Well said, I’m glad I’m not the only one who really doesn’t care about the debate anymore. Playing is better than arguing any day.

I don’t know either and I don’t pretend to know. All I need to do now is help Katie.

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