Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Special Saturday/A Promise is a Debt

Posted on: February 19, 2011

Today is Special Saturday Nicky blogged yesterday. We played, despite the severe pain I was in. I won’t go too in depth about my pain, because my blogs are more for Nicky now, I found a place I can whine about myself. But you know, he was devastated that a pain flare up hit yesterday when we were supposed to play.

I was just as upset, more than he knew. I hid my tears well. My life is broken promises. But, in my experiences, a broken promise to a child with autism is as bad as defying a mafia don, they don’t forget. Just ask my younger brother. Their grudges are something to behold! But that isn’t why I was so driven to keep my promise. I always try to keep my promises, especially to him. He kept crying off and on… So he got a very wounded Saiyan warrior. It’s still bad today. But he will remember. He will remember that I didn’t lie to him. He will know that Mama struggled to play with him and succeeded. I did this morning. And he will be blogging again! Stay tuned and enjoy!

2 Responses to "Special Saturday/A Promise is a Debt"

I am sure he knows how hard you tried and is proud that you did, even through the pain. He’s a great kid. He’ll understand.

Just catching up Tracy! I knew you would keep your promise because you are strong! And even if Nicky doesn’t say it, it’s always in his heart. You are right. He will remember!

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