Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

There Are Lines

Posted on: February 21, 2011

If my feelings get hurt, I will get over it and move on. I’ve been through too much, I’m a survivor. For Nicky, it’s much more difficult, especially when he sees his mother being insulted. He has the memory of an elephant, and a grudge that a mobster would admire. But it is not amusing, not when it hurts him, too. My poor little guy has had to take too many knocks whether he puts himself out there or not.

To protect the one he admires, I will not use a name. It is not his fault, Nicky’s, nor even mine, though others might want to contradict that. My poor little butterfly was deceived into believing that a “character” was a voice actor. I tweeted to the person, they blocked me, and I got really suspicious, I made the comment that even a celeb should not come between mother and child, someone did some digging and found out that the guy was just someone who was doing RPG and found the real actor.

Nicky was happy at first, but then saw how certain other people butted into the conversation saying not nice things, this upset him horribly. He sees for the nth time, that the other gets sided with. I try to explain the best that I can. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a low pain day and we will play and watch TV. He has no school. I will fill his day with as much frolic and fun as I can muster and hopefully that blasted doc will have filled my scrip so I can get downright obnoxious for my son because that’s what he loves and behind closed door, for his eyes only, I don’t have to be high strung and sensible, I can be goofy and funny.


1 Response to "There Are Lines"

It’s hard when innocence of a child gets shattered. As a mom, we do everything we can to protect them. I love how you are able to get all goofy with Nicky to make him happy! That’s a lot of love.

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