Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Flash Backs-Part2

Posted on: February 27, 2011

I remember when I was 7, I worked with Calories J. Koo- Koo Bum. She would all ways get obsesed over MY weight! I didn’t like it. AND… she would give me diet pop, diet tea, and Crystal Light! And those beavrages have aspotame! And I can’t have asprotame! And she gave em 2 me anyway! And she would allways call me a drama queen! And anytime I would scowel at her… she would think I was powting. And u know how chattey I am? Well thare I would talk talk talk… and they would get anoied with me, They said (If u play the quiet game I’ll give u a cookie.) And I did… I was so gullible back then. They bribed me. But I won the bribe. BUT, I had 2 remind them to give me the cookie. But I’m in theripe so it works.


1 Response to "Flash Backs-Part2"

Nicky, it’s so good that as we grow up we can remember back to things we don’t like and know that now that we can tell people how we feel with words. I’m so glad you are posting to this blog again. It is really nice to read how you feel and to learn more about you. Make sure to give your mom big hugs and kisses for letting you talk to all of us out here through the internet. Your mom is a very loving and caring person!! Hope you post another story here soon!

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