Once Upon an Autism, Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Nicky Takes A Stand

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Nicky took a stand. He actually took things on himself, thought things out and sought out help.

First, he had come to me because he wanted to break up with his girlfriend. She was Special Needs, too, but older, and she made him uncomfortable and he indicated that he felt he was too young for what she wanted. (Proud mother moment) I told him that if he didn’t feel right about it, it was good to break things off. He said he didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I advised him to do it gently and just say he wasn’t ready, I told him he could even use me as an excuse if he needed to.

He broke up with her and the first day, she was fine. But the next day, she told him that he had a dark soul. Later, I found out that she started stalking him between classes, etc. trying to pass him notes and all that.

Rather than suffer than silence or hash it out with me, he went down to the office… And my son got results! He saw he wasn’t labeled as a tattle-tale. I’m so proud of him because this is a new thing. Nicky rocks!


3 Responses to "Nicky Takes A Stand"

Hooray! And what I really like out of all this was his problem-solving – he saw he had options!

Nicky is growing up, mama. So much going on in so few words. He has had a girlfriend. He was open about what bothered him to you. (That part is so great – shows how special your relationship is) and then to be so grown up as to seek help from the outside at school by himself? He is amazing! You have done well, mom. This is wonderful.

I am proud of him, too! Good job to you both!

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